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Our story began quite some time ago when my wife and I were a young, newly married couple. We’ve decided to purchase a beautiful new house, and we found the home of our dreams pretty quickly and immediately decided to buy it. Even though we were told that the house had a new roof, we started having some pretty serious problems with it just a few years after the purchase. The roof began to leak, and we couldn’t understand why!

Our story began quite some time ago when my wife and I were young newlyweds. We found the house of our dreams and immediately decided to buy it. Though we were told the house had a new roof, we started having serious issues just a few years after the purchase. The roof began to leak and we could not understand why.

The first thing we did was contact the company who provided the warranty on our roof, as this warranty was transferred by the previous owner. No matter how many times we called and how many messages we left, they were nowhere to be found. At that point, our situation was getting more and more desperate – not only did we have tarps all over our roof, we had spent over $20,000 due to immense water damage. We even had three insurance claims for
which our insurance company dropped us.

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We had two different roofing companies attempt to fix the leaks but, neither did a proper job – all they did was leave us with empty promises. We slowly began to resent our new home and becoming completely dishearten in who we could trust to fix our roof.

Two years later, we finally found an independent roofer who immediately inspired our trust. We were so impressed with the results he even became a family friend!

One day, we had him over for dinner and joked about starting a roofing company. One that would provide proper workmanship for normal prices. It was then New England Roofing & Home Repair was born – those nightmare roofing issues turned into something extraordinary.

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Our workers have over 20 years of professional experience, and it’s our job to turn the customers’ wishes into reality without them having to go through the troubles that we went through. Our company has teamed up with Atlas. We approach every job with utter seriousness and professionalism, remembering how bad the things got in our case and making sure to prevent such troubles for the customers. Even though many people think that the roofing business is simple and easy to do, it, actually, takes a lot of experience for a person to know how to correctly build a roof. And that’s what makes us different – our experienced workers will turn your dreams into reality in no time!