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Roof Repair and Maintenance: 5 Preventative Measures

roof repair and maintenance
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Roofing is a critical component of your home’s structure. Taking preventative measures and addressing minor issues can avoid significant problems and hefty expenses in the future. A complete roof replacement can cost over $10,000 for an average-sized home of about 2000 square feet. Unfortunately, roofing is often a building component that gets buried in the back of our minds until it is too late.  

Here are 6 preventative measures you can take to ensure the longevity of your home’s roof:

Regular Inspections

Begin by creating a schedule of routine inspections of your property’s roof to identify signs of damage or deterioration. Checking the health of your roof yearly could be the difference in whether you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a repair. Waiting for harsh weather is not a good time to consider getting your roof inspected. In your inspection, check for fungus or algae, missing shingles, and anything that can lead to a leak or severe structural damage. 

Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning your gutters regularly, especially in the fall and winter, is essential to prevent clogging and backed-up water on your roof. Your gutters’ job is to ensure that excess water is carried away from the structure. Leaving leaves and other debris to accumulate for too long puts your roof’s structural integrity at risk.

Watch for Overhanging Trees

A common cause of roofing damage is overhanging trees. Trimming overhanging trees is crucial because overhanging limbs can scrape against your rooftop or fall onto the roof during a storm or a period of strong winds. This can lead to damage to the shingles and other roofing materials. Over time, these small scrapes can lead to peeling and holes in the roof. 

Insulate Your Attic

Attics should be well insulated to prevent heat escaping through the roof in colder climates. If your attic is not adequately protected, you are likely to experience damage during the winter months.

Get Insured

Roof repairs and replacements are costly. Insuring your roof means having a proper plan for emergencies and can mitigate some of the financial burdens. Not to mention the peace of mind of knowing that if your roof sustains any damage,  the economic impact will not be as significant as if you were not insured. 

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