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Siding with Savings: A Not-So ‘Hard’ Look into Energy Efficient Siding

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An ‘Insulated’ View of Your Savings with Energy Efficient Siding

It’s no ‘Secret-of-the-Loose-Change-under-the-Couch’ that energy efficient siding, or as we lovingly refer it to as the wall’s sweater, has become the hero we never knew we needed. So, let’s take a not-so ‘hard’ peek into its world of energy conservation, noise reduction, and bill-slashing capabilities. Let’s ‘side’ together with savings, sunshine!

The Snug Happenings: Understanding Energy Efficient Siding

The U.S. Department of Energy revealed a chilly fact that about a third of a home’s heat loss happens through the walls. That’s the equivalent of money literally evaporating out of your house, vanishing like hot pies at a church fair. Here’s where energy saving siding, the cape-wearing, energy theft thwarting savior, rides in, reducing this horrifying heat loss and keeping your house snug and warm.

Shushing the Noisy Neighbors: Siding as a Sound Barrier

A barky dog next door or that loud honk of city traffic can sometimes make one wish for the cape of invisibility, or rather, a cape of muting. Fear not! According to CertainTeed, one of the leading building materials manufacturers in North America, energy efficient siding is your very own ‘quiet’ superhero. Acting as a shield for your home, it dramatically muffles external sounds, creating your peaceful sanctuary within the hustle-bustle.

Make Your Old House a Green House: Insulated Siding

Among the green building materials catching the eye of sustainability enthusiasts and ‘save-the-world’ superheroes are insulated sidings. Particularly beneficial for older, chilly houses, these wall protectors can result in energy savings up to 20%, says our pal, Once you’ve insulated your home exteriors, you can sit back, enjoy a cuppa, and watch those energy bills thin down.

Getting Svd Up: Cost-Effective House Siding Solutions

Vinyl siding, a cost-effective house siding solution, is like the quiet kid in your high school who turns out to be a genius. Sleek, low maintenance, and energy-efficient, it’s like rebranding your house into a retro-cool, eco-friendly hangout. Put simply, if you’re dreaming about sustainable homes, then vinyl siding might just be your dream date.

Tips to ‘Side’ with Energy Efficient Savings

1. Choose the right siding for your house’s geographical location and age.

2. Look for sidings with the Energy Star label – it’s a bonus.

3. Additional insulation layers can bump up your energy saving capacities.

Frequently Quipped Queries

Q. Does the color of the siding affect energy efficiency?

A. Trickier than a Rubik’s cube, but yes! A darker color may absorb more heat in winter but may also make your home hotter in summer, so pick your colors wisely.

Q. Does energy-efficient siding qualify for tax rebates?

A. Yes, it’s like the golden ticket from Willy Wonka! Some energy-efficient home improvements can qualify you for tax credits, so remember, it pays to be green.

Putting It All ‘Side’ by ‘Side’

Voila, a not-so-hard look into energy-efficient siding’s world that’s saving you money, making your home quieter, and more comfortable. Unleash your home’s potential to be greener and cost-efficient. As we say here at New England Roofing and Home Repair – get ready for a smoother, snugger, and savvier lifestyle. So, take a ‘siding’ with us and discover your greener home!

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