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Updating your property’s siding is one of the simplest and most effective ways to enhance its weather protection and curb appeal.

At New England Roofing, we have a team of professional siding contractors in Connecticut ready to offer you the services you need to enhance your home’s siding.

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Professional Siding Installation

Is your property in need of siding replacement?

Reach out to us and enjoy professional siding installation in Connecticut. Our certified contractors can custom-bend each siding piece, ensuring that it fits your home and gives it the best possible protection.

Signs of Siding Issues

  • Frequent peeling paint: Is your Connecticut home’s exterior paint constantly peeling? It might be time to repair or replace the siding.
  • Cracks and chips: The presence of cracks and chips signifies the need for urgent repair.
  • High energy bills: Your vinyl siding plays a crucial role in managing your property’s temperature. A deteriorating siding could lead to high utility bills, with your HVAC unit having to work harder.
  • Reduced curb appeal: Has your siding lost the visual appeal it once had? Repairing or replacing it could enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Our Installation Process

Backed by a highly trained, experienced contractor team, we utilize a thorough installation process that promises to deliver high-quality craftsmanship every time.

Here are the steps our expert installation process involves.

Material Selection and Delivery

Material selection is the first step of our process. Our experts will guide you through the selection, helping you pick materials that will match your home’s exterior style and effectively address your needs. After, we will carefully wrap, package, and deliver the materials you choose to your home.

Siding Removal

Some vinyl siding companies in CT avoid addressing existing problems, choosing instead to conceal them. However, at New England Roofing, our detail-oriented process sets us apart. We will completely remove your home’s old siding and inspect your property for rotten or damaged wood, replacing it with brand-new wood. We’ll ensure a nice job no matter your existing exterior condition.

House Preparation

Once we install new wood, we will prepare your home for its new siding by covering it with high-quality synthetic material. We’ll ensure a clean finish around doors, windows, and gutters to optimize your home’s exterior style.

Flashing the Interior and Exterior Corners

To guarantee quality work, our installation process caters to the tiniest details. For instance, the process will need some flashing in areas where water infiltration is likely to occur, such as the outside and inside of corners.


After installing the starter strip and siding pieces, we will complete the installation job by adding a few finishing touches to ensure customer satisfaction. If you’re in the market for any other exterior home improvement services, such as replacement windows or a custom deck, we can complete these at the same time.

Siding Repair

No matter how well you care for your vinyl siding, damage will still occur. Fortunately, our team can offer customers the prompt solutions they need to repair their siding’s leaks, cracks, chips, and missing panels effectively.

Why a Coat of Paint Won’t Work

Some homeowners might not see the merit of working with siding contractors in CT, choosing instead to apply a new coat of paint to cover the damage.

However, even if you paint your house annually, there are several drawbacks to painting.

For instance, besides being an annual cost and daunting task, not all paints will effectively protect your siding. In extreme cases, faulty paints can leave room for moisture to leak into your property’s walls, increasing the risks of mold and structural decay.

Fortunately, opting for our siding repair services gives you access to effective, long-lasting solutions. Regardless of the nature of the repairs, our CT siding contractors can offer you the quality workmanship you desire.

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Quality Vinyl Siding in new england

Whether you opt for our repair or replacement services, having a new siding will always prove beneficial. For instance, it will significantly enhance your property’s curb appeal while aiding your walls’ insulation and energy efficiency. We dedicate our experience and expertise to ensuring our customers enjoy all the benefits a new siding offers.  Thanks to the high-quality products, professional equipment, and specialized skills we use, we can provide you with a wide range of affordable siding services. From repairs and maintenance to new installations, our honest Connecticut home improvement professionals are always ready to help. If that wasn’t enough, our company also offers a wide variety of siding colors and finishes that help us not only repair the damage but also boost the style and value of your house. Get in touch with New England Roofing at 203-795-3947 to request your free quote on our CT siding services.